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WiFi Mouse Pro
WiFi Mouse Pro
Developer: WiFi Mouse
Price: 4,39 €
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WiFi Mouse Pro Apk Details and Information

Transform your phone into your computer’s wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad, allowing you to easily control your PC / Mac / Linux via a local network link. This controller app includes a media controller, presentation controller, and remote file explorer.

Now, in your own home’s convenience, you can relax on the sofa and control playing film or game, replacing right broken mouse and keyboard with this app.

Key features of WiFi Mouse Pro Apk:

  • Fully Simulated Mouse.
  • Simulated Computer Keyboard & number pad.
  • Support copy & paste text to the computer (new).
  • Magic Trackpad.
  • Multi-Touch Management. Shutdown / Sleep Computer Remotely.
  • Media Controller.
  • Voice Input Remotely.
  • Application Launcher.
  • Browse & open computer files.
  • Password protection.
  • Games Pad (Play computer games remotely).
  • Screen capture.
  • Sway phone to create mouse cursor motion file.

Download WiFi Mouse Pro Apk

If you want to download WiFi Mouse Pro Apk then you can download it by clicking over the buttons given below and also download its client too.

Watch the video/tutorial given below to learn how to use WiFi Mouse Pro apk?

Watch this video learn how to use WiFi Mouse Pro apk.

Reviews WiFi Mouse Pro Apk

  • Excellent app, I have used Wi-Fi mouse pro for years now and never had any issues. Definitely worth the money for the pro version. The developer is continually updating with subtle additions like the file browser and application bar. Edit: I was able to get rid of the task by deleting the folder.
  • It’s an excellent app for the cost you’re paying. But if you don’t want to pay, they will allow it to be free, but based on using a few unused funds from your PC running in the background while using this program. I later discovered out they’re using it for cryptocurrency farming.
  • It’s a good app, but customization is one thing lacking in nearly every other remote control. I like watching films with VLC … I would like to see more choices for VLC such as search, volume control, aspect ratio, etc. or perhaps something like enabling customers to develop their custom remote.
  • Well, it works. Sometimes a slight delay, but I like it other than that. I connect my TV with my HDMI laptop and control my couch laptop. It would also be good to have more choices or buttons for VLC Player.
  • I love this app that I was going to buy my PC’s blue tooth keyboard, then I found this app, and I don’t need it anymore. Even though it doesn’t work on some games, the gaming feature is excellent; it operates on flash games. Can you add a pad to the gaming feature to regulate the mouse?
  • I’m even pleased with the Luminati Business Intelligence network’s desktop server needing some minor bandwidth usage. However, this portion could be worded better as it indicates that it is using funds rather than just bandwidth.

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