Top 5 Best Free Android Brain Games – Which Helps In Making Brain Sharp!

Studies show that to try new activities, to learn new skills and generally thinking out of your routine, the brain can benefit.

Do you know that a way to keep your mind healthy is to find new things? A 2014 study by Edinburgh University and Texas University shows that trying new things like quilting or learning any software, learning sports, or learning a new language can strengthen our brain.

Are you keeping your mind in a box?

Some findings have come to the fore that perhaps our best interest in this matter is that we stop the regular path and take a new model once a day: “As we grow up, all our work is done by our regular routine, which requires little brain to do, so we have this lovely little routine that fits into a box.

“So you now need to think about the out-of-the-box. If you want to stimulate your brain cells, do a new thing every day. “

Think of Brain Games in New Ways

That’s why we will now look at apps that offer you many fun and exciting brain games, memory training and other materials to think about new ways of brain health and try new things every single day.

Memory games are a great way to get your brain involved and test your ability to remember colors, phrases, and objects. Staying sharp is a fun way to spend your time with memory and matching games testing your memory.

I am sure you will find these memory games fun and attractive.

1) Left vs Right:

Left vs Right – Brain Games
Left vs Right allows you to exercise on both sides of your brain with 49 games in six categories. With a tap, you can start your daily workout and play four exciting games.

Remember the items that the customers order and then remember who has ordered.

Based on what your friends are playing and the share of your bill, calculate your share. These are the kinds of games that test your memory, your reflexes, and your logic.

You can install Left vs Right games for free. You get all the categories of monthly or annual plans subscription, as well as a progress report.

When you have a few minutes to play, train your mind with Left vs Right.

2) Lumosity:

Over three billion games have been played by over 85 million people.

Created by more than 100 researchers around the world and launched in 2007, it was one of the first apps for brain-training games. Its brain games are colorful and entertaining.

To help improve the five areas with exercise, these games have been created: problem solving, memory, attention, speed and flexibility.

In Luminosity the game is stimulating, unique and enjoyable. To test your memory to test your memory, to test your involuntary action, test the car race, memory to swipe the cards on the basis of colors or test the capabilities of solving your problem. Can collect pieces of puzzles.

You can challenge yourself for more than 40 sports, and get detailed statistics, and see where you are. Play Lumosity for free and if you like it, you can take a premium plan for payment.

3) Peak – Brain Games & Training:

The peak is another good way to train your brain with fun and sports. Every day you are given a random collection of games that test areas such as memory, attention, problem-solving and creativity skills.

You might need to make words from the letters being displayed, tap the faces that show paint tiles, or some emotions based on numbers in columns and rows. There are more than 35 game statistics for your performance in each category, and you can earn achievements.

Four workouts are available for free, you can do something new every day. If you want more, then Peak has a pro version that opens up to 16 Daily Workouts, opens the limitless use of 45 games for replays and challenges. If this is boosting your interest, then check Peak.

4) NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games:

NeuroNation gives you a set of brain games that helps increase your intelligence and memory, as well as increase the speed of your decision-making. With the app, you will be among the millions of people who train your brain through the app.

You can create your own personal workout plan based on scientifically developed practices which are not only challenging and effective but also fun. Through them, you will be able to improve your memory, strengthen meditation skills, become more intelligent and make rapid decisions. You will also be able to track your progress through the app and share it with your friends.

5) Elevate – Brain Training Games:

With Elevate you can train your brain for better cognitive skills on your Android.

Elevate is a free game app for Android that lets you go through a personal training program that should improve your cognitive skills.

The app is designed to improve your focus, ability to speak, speed of processing, memory, math skills, and much more. And the more you train with the app, the faster you improve, and the more confidence and productivity you increase.

There are more than 25 games to practice in the app, detailed performance tracking, adaptive deficiency progress, and many more features are in this app.

So in this article, we have comprehensively provided you the top 5 best free android brain games.

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