Swift Installer – Themes & Color Engine [Patched] – [Download]

Swift Installer is an android app that provides a huge collection of themes and colour engines, and in this app, you have full freedom to customise whatever things you like means you can change the themes colour and types as per your choice.

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It has a huge and the best collection of Swift Substratum themes and this app comes with its installer and colour engine! You can now download & install Swift Themes and change it all as per your imagination. Colour choices are almost infinite, as you can insert your own favourite hex colour code for dark backgrounds and accents. And about 200 apps are currently themed.

Swift Installer – Root Requirement & Supported Systems

• Root is required: Only if you use AOSP-based custom ROMs, Pixel, Nexus, and OxygenOS (Oreo and Pie).
– As of now, Root is also required on all the Samsung Pie devices except S9, Note 9, and S9+.

Root is not required on Samsung Oreo.

IMPORTANT: Please note that root requirement for overlays on Samsung Pie is a change made by Samsung and that it may come to the S9\N9 line in future builds for those devices. This is under Samsung’s control, not ours.

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Swift Installer – Themes & Color Engine Notable Features

  • Super amazing and colourfull themes are included in this app.
  • Infinitive dark colour options are included in the colour engine.
  • An easy to and simple to update system. No need to reinstall all the overlays for each patch.
  • The full changelog gets available from the three-dot menu after the app gets updated!

Swift Installer – Themes & Color Engine – Download

If you want to download Swift Installer, then what you need to do is to tap over the download button given below and in few seconds downloading will get begin and after the downloading gets over you can install this app in your phone and then you can enjoy its all different themes and features and also you can access the whole changelog by clicking over the three-dot menu.

Download Swift Installer

Swift Installer – Themes & Color Engine – Reviews (On Playstore)

  • 1st Reviewer: Swift Installer is very easy to use, had no problems so far that wasn’t expected. If only Google play services didn’t update in the background, I would have had zero. It doesn’t happen that often in the app, but when it does, you will need to disable the theme for the play store in case you need update install something. In the end, I would like to say this is a very nice app.
  • 2nd Reviewer: Swift Installer doesn’t work on android 10 – it works only when I enable the system-wide dark mode. I think in this app there should be an option for people who don’t want to be using the system-wide dark theme though. I only wish to the system UI to be dark, not individual apps.
  • 3rd Reviewer: Swift Installer is a Great app, working out well for all apps! Love how you can customise everything and also select what apps you want it being installed in.
  • 4rth Reviewer: Swift Installer is the Best of all substratum theming android app, I’ve been trying a lot of other themes until I found this one more realistic and workable. Frequent updates and hassle-free overlay updates.

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