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Star Wars: Commander Apk Details & Information

Fight for Your Side. Command The Galaxy. – Star Wars Commander Mod Apk

The Galactic War is lit. Where is your loyalty? Are you going to support the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the battle, construct your base, hire, and train your military, plan your defenses strategically, and lead your soldiers throughout the galaxy to victory over war-torn worlds!

Fight iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia and use or destroy devices such as AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, Wookiee Warriors, and Stormtroopers. Join millions around the world in this epic match of fighting strategy. Commander, the galaxy’s destiny is in your hands!

Features of Star Wars Commander Mod Apk

Choose to battle or to charge your troops for the rebellion or the empire.
BUILD units and cars with various upgrades.
DEFEND your base against enemy forces.
COMPLETE original story missions and earn extra rewards.
LEVEL Up your heroes, your troops, your vehicles, etc. BATTLE on various worlds in the world of Star Wars. The ultimate team will be created with TEAM Up with friends and allies.

Star Wars: Commander needs 4.0 or higher Android OS and supports tablets as well as phones.

Download Star Wars: Commander Mod Apk – Version :

If you want to download Star Wars: Commander Apk then tap over the download button which is given below to free download Star Wars: Commander Mod Apk.

Reviews of Star Wars: Commander Mod/Hack Apk

  • Meh. Meh. Meh. That’s really what this play is all about. It was a pretty balanced game between the Rebels and Imperials when it first came out, and it wasn’t worth winning. You could get different units, but they didn’t bother the Star Wars Commander Hack Apk game equilibrium much.
  • And now we’re looking at what this Star Wars Commander Hack Apk game is like so far, and we’re looking forward to keeping the game updated in the future. I enjoy all of the cars of the clone wars. My favorite part probably. And hopefully, they will add more. I have recommended very much!
  • It’s fun to create you lose your points until the Star Wars Commander Hack Apk game crashes, as you win. A few years ago, I began to play; I can say that the game has not been optimized; they’re not worried about the game; they want just our cash.
  • The Star Wars Commander Mod Apk game itself is excellent, but it’s always crashing, meaning that I can’t really advance with my medals if it hits mid fights all the time and for team wars its game breaks because you might attack the last offices required to win the war and the game crashes, and look you’ve lost the game.
  • The gameplay is good … Few suggestions may assist improve the game … More EMPIRE and REBEL ALLIANCE units (infantry, vehicle, heroes, starships) along with more Armory equipment for those new units, More Defensive Buildings or just more general buildings, More HQ, More Planets.
  • It’s a beautiful game. Unfortunately, with this form, it forces you too to spend more and more time in it to get better, particularly on the occurrences. The optimization is worse than a year ago, taking 6 seconds to get into the menu of a build unit.
  • It’s an outstanding game to play this for three years if you discover a squad of at least 20 players who are eager and fair-minded. Prestige level update is a slow burn, and it will take a year or so for most players to finish. Disney should attempt to get the same area and base level job teams, players.

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