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If you are a Soccer lover and loves playing it, then you might know about Soccer Android games as well, from which Dream League Soccer Mod Apk game is one of best game out there, it has 100,000,000+ downloads and over 4.4 ratings which clearly shows that this game is loved by a lot of people and probably you might be one of them.

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However, If you wanna know about Dream League Soccer Mod Apk and read some interesting information about this game then keep reading this.

What is Dream League Soccer?

Dream League Soccer is aniOS, Android, and (needed to prove) Windows Phone app. It’s developed by First Touch Games, known for their other games related to soccer/football such as Score! The game, Score! Hero, 2015 First Touch Football… and more.

The premise of the game is that you are your own team manager, Dream FC, and you are able to control your players during the actual games. The gameplay is similar to the career mode of FIFA, except the players do not have contracts, club transfers within other teams, and happiness levels. You can sign any player for a set amount of coins from the transfer market, which is randomly chosen between a certain selection depending on the skill level of the player you are looking for. You can earn coins from match play, complete achievements, or watch an ad.

You start the game by selecting a captain from a list of roughly 20 players with an overall rating that can range from 60 to 85. Once you have selected a captain, the rest of your squad will be loaded with random players from the game pool, and you’ll start playing in Division 3. Every division (Division 3, 2, 1, and Elite Division) has 16 teams, and once in a single season, you are playing against every team. The top teams (positions depend upon classification) will be promoted to the division above at the end of the season. The Global Challenge Cup (GC Cup) also runs throughout the season, randomly placing all 64 teams against each other in a single-legged playoff game.

You will be brought to the International Cup after you win the Elite Division, which is a single-legged playoff competition with current international teams (such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, etc.). When you lose at any stage of the competition (along with all of the other competitions), you are asked if you want to play a friendly against a random team, and then another Elite Division season begins, but if you win the International Cup, you are selected for the All-Star Game. The All-Star cup is another one-legged competition that features all-time classic teams. This includes clubs such as Brazil 1970, Man U 1999, All-stars of the 60s/70s/80s, All-stars of the Spanish League, and many more! If these two competitions aren’t enough and you’re taking the All-Star cup, then you’re beating First Touch United.

First Touch United is an imaginary team created by (hence the name) First Touch Games. The players are ranked very high, with the majority of the starting 11 players being rated 90 or higher. The players are named after first touch games employees. For a very long time, this was the biggest and best team in the game, but around the beginning of 2014, when Dream League Soccer got it’s the biggest upgrade, a new challenge was brought into the game.

If you beat First Touch United, then you need to play… You do it yourself! You are challenged for a game by a team with the exact same team (including all changes you’ve made), structure, name, and kit (your opposite set). The backstory is that a brilliant boss has wanted to replicate the players genetically and play against you. This match is by far the most challenging in the game if you already have a good team. The match is down to the player’s abilities, and not the players he/she has bought. Good Luck! When you qualify, a new Elite Division season begins.

Dream League Soccer MOD Apk Download

For download Dream League Soccer Mod Apk with Unlimited Coins, All Players Unlocked and everything Unlimited just tap over the download button given below and downloading will get begin within few seconds and once it gets downloaded you will be able to enjoy it fully.

NameDream League Soccer
Size303 MB
Last UpdateThursday, 20 February 2020
Offered ByFirst Touch Games Ltd.

Features of Dream League Soccer Mod Apk

  • Licensed players at FIFProTM bring to your hands the most authentic Dream League Soccer experience!
  • Unlimited development, customization, and control of your own Dream Team!
  • 6 Work your way through the divisions, and over 7 Cup competitions!
  • Participate in regular live activities to win prizes and respect!
  • Build your own stadium that will highlight your superstars!
  • Build your players more effectively, and with more expectations • Season goals to keep you involved and come back!
  • Google Play accomplishments & rankings to see who’s on top!
  • Customize your own sets & labels, and import them!
  • Sync your progress between Google Play Cloud apps!
  • The Luka Country, Sunset Sons, Jack Wins, Vistas & Only The Poets given exclusive soundtrack!

In addition to adding the features listed above Dream League Soccer Mod Game does have some other amazing features like

Get ready for a new season of action of top quality-Dream League Soccer is here! Football has changed as we know it, and this is YOUR chance to build the planet’s best team. Recruit real FIFProTM licensed superstars, build your own stadium and take on the world on your way to Soccer Stardom with Dream League Online as you march to glory!

Manage Your Dream Team

Signs superstar stars like Gareth Bale to build your own Dream Team! Choose your formation, polish your style and take on any team that stands in your path as you climb to top the prestigious Elite Division across 6 Leagues. Do you really have what it takes?

Realistic New Gameplay

Be prepared to shape a rewarding and addictive experience with smart, tactical AI. Dream League Soccer is the ultimate Football kit capturing the true essence of the beautiful game with all the latest graphics, realistic animations, and 60fps interactive gameplay (compatible devices only).

Compete For Glory

Star League Online is pitting the Dream Team against the world’s best. Work your way through ranks to show that your team is the best! Brand-new regular events in an array of different tournament types pit the team against the strongest. Claim victory to win prizes and medals, which are special.

Dream League Soccer Mod Apk Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dream League Soccer Online

Yes, Dream League Soccer is an Online game.

Can Dream League Soccer Be Played Offline?

No, this game can’t be played offline.

Can Dream League Soccer Be Hacked?

Yes, but that’s is not so easy to do.

Does Dream League Soccer Require Internet?

It does require Internet connection.

Dream League Soccer Mod Apk Reviews and Opinions

Delbert Santiago: I loved the Dream League Soccer Mod game. But there are still some bugs out there. It can make the running of the players more realistic and can have slow running and sprinting options on the joystick. I’ve got a multilayer problem. It’s not being supported. Please take a look at it. It could have more leagues. Why can’t you just introduce a handball foul?

Dean Graham: Very good game. I liked the graphics and control. The only thing I didn’t understand is that I upgraded Mo Salah to a speed of 97. When he’s running with the ball, and when he’s trying to get closer to the ball, he’s running very slowly. But when he’s got the ball like Welbeck, he’s going to score.

Jake Barnes: Best soccer game, better than Pes because Pes has 1 GB, and although it has more graphics, it’s better to download DLS for less than 400 MB. And better than FIFA Soccer because DLS has better controls than FIFA Soccer. So, overall, it’s the best soccer game ever. They’re only one thing.

Ashley Mckenzie: Three things. 1. Update this game to Dream League Soccer 2020 and forget about Score! Hero, man! The game isn’t that good!! It’s fixed, too. 2. Transfers, man. You’re supposed to make this game more realistic, like FIFA 20, where teams can offer us a money deal and sign our players and then go to that club.

Marcus Garret: It’s a very good game. Please make this game a little tough. It’s too easy to do. But it’s supposed to have a hot event option that depends on the actual match. Its graphics are supposed to be more good. There should be a lot of stadiums. It should be possible to highlight options. And a lot more skills.

Eleanor Morales: Love it, man. Controls Buggy. Easy gameplay, man. Really hard to make progress without in-app purchases. Developing your home ground costs a minimum of $10, and developing your players on average will cost you a minimum of $10 per player… but the one thing I love most about this game if you don’t go to team training.

Daniel Brock: Very good game addictive though one thing I’d like to see improved is the player switch every time you want to mark the opponent that switches to the farthest player from the ball. Player Switch is a nonsense developer who uses switching back when the ball is in the box and why.

Flora Obrien: It’s a terrific game, but there’s room for a lot more improvement. 1. Online games should also include the ability to play against other online players around your surroundings. If possible, you can choose your neighbor next door to play against. 2. The difficulty level should increase as the game progresses.


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