Block City Wars Mod Apk [Unlimited Money + Health + OBB] Download v7.1.4

Block City Wars Mod Apk [Unlimited Money + Health + OBB] Download v7.1.4— a world-famous game that scored an enormous amount of fans within hours. Block City Wars is a full clone of all renowned GTA; only pixel graphics are the primary distinction.

The entire town is in your hands, performing duties, flying on missile bags, aircraft and other inventions of air, earning cash and spending it at your discretion. It’s going to appeal not just to GTA fans but to all pixel shooter fans.

Become a gangster Block City Wars is a large and busy town as the game has launched. The neighborhood is made up of houses, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Nearly no rules on these roads, with street law, individuals often solve the issue.

When you take part in the match between thugs, mafia, police, gangs, you will discover exciting stories. You can do whatever you want in the game with free gameplay in the open world without waiting to follow any route.

The quest scheme, of course, is what will help you uncover the characters ‘ stories and interactions in the game. Complete the tasks offered by the mafia bosses, accept agreements for the murderer. You’ll obtain precious items after that. And you’re also getting bonuses, of course.

Driving, parkour and much other stuff You are often hunted by police when you do your company tasks. After you have completed a task, they are always present. There will be a lot of other officers pursuing if you attack a policeman. It’s best not to attack them, in my view. But it’s quite fun to tease them a little.

When playing Block City Wars, there are many things you can do. You can shoot weapons, fight street gangs, chase costly vehicles,… become a street hero or a criminal. You can decide for yourself.

Weapons and cars You are currently given an incredibly varied amount of vehicles by Block City Wars. Even helicopters and jets are expensive supercars, motorcycles, boats.

You can use many kinds of cars. Besides, there is also a powerful weapon system. You can use plasma guns or a katana, not just ordinary guns such as AK 47 or shotgun.

Also, the range of modes is a Block City Wars benefit. The game has many exciting ways like Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race, and Zombie Infection mode. The player struggles with his teammates in zombie mode like PUBG Mobile to discover an opportunity to survive the zombie catastrophe.

Overview The game features hundreds of thousands of internet players every day, with lots of positive feedback and Google Play reviews. For anyone who enjoys Minecraft, Block City Wars MOD APK is a great game. GTA 5 style combination will give fresh player experiences. Try this match today; you’re not going to be disappointed.

Story The game has a setup somewhat comparable to that of the famous GTA series games. It comes with the distinctive smoother physics and blocky graphics, though. Therefore, compared to the GTA games, you will discover the game has a comparatively quicker pace.

Moreover, in Block City, where everything is feasible, you will have the chance to explore the vast universe. Choose from doing regular employment to finishing killer agreements among diverse operations. Roam the city and enjoy epic gameplay with your characters.

And most importantly, you’re going to be introduced to the fantastic pixelated Battle Royale game, which isn’t always accessible on other games.

Block City Wars Screenshot Features Here you will discover all the exciting features the game has to give: enjoy exciting gameplay with a variety of game types, To begin with, Block City Wars gamers will be introduced to many exciting game types apart from your first adventure.

Free fighting–by entering the free internet battle games, you can get used to the game elements for the new gamers. Here, instead of a restricted region, you can explore the whole town. Make use of your arsenal’s firearms to bring down your enemies, who are also gamers online. Once you’re murdered, somewhere you’ll automatically be respawned. Those with the largest counts of killing will have a crown on their names.

Zombie Rush–those who want the zombies to test their fighting abilities or become the zombies themselves are the correct mode for you. The game would begin with one player being selected as the zombie, with a lot of health and intense assaults. All the others will become human, and some melee weapons will be given.

You will automatically respawn as a zombie whenever you are murdered by the zombie. Your goal as a human being is to survive until time runs out, or to infect all people before time runs out as a zombie.

Cops and Robbers–You can choose either to be the prisoner or the forces of law enforcement in this mode. Your goals are straightforward: to escape from the prison as a robber before the time runs out and to stop the prisoner from escaping as a policeman.

Tank Clash–And if you want, with the use of durable tanks, you can bring the fighting to a whole new level. Assemble your friends and form your squad in epic tank battles against the others.
Team Battle–Similar to the gameplay of Cops and Robbers, players in Team Battle can join each other, choose between two teams, and bring the other down to win.

You will also find yourself introduced to much other exciting gameplay as you progress further in the game.

Gamers in Block City Wars will have a chance to explore a lot of distinctive gameplay with vast megalopolis accessible on your mobile devices. You are traveling through different locations, exploring many areas, flying over the skyscrapers, cruising the seas, and more.

You will have the opportunity to participate in distinctive gameplay at each place, which you will find quite rewarding. Follow the tale as more hidden secrets are unveiled in the town.

And to shorten your traveling time between distinct places, the game also features a lot of exciting rides you can try on. That said, you can ride your favorite sports vehicles, loud motorcycles, epic jet packs, fly over the sky with a military helicopter, and even get into a tank and ramp the town. In total, you have to choose from over 50 distinct kinds of cars, and the amount continues to increase over time.

Experience much distinct employment with Block City Wars Those who want to explore another aspect of Block City Wars can enjoy the various work the game provides. That said, as an unidentified gangster, you can begin your voyage.

You will acquire enough reputations after you have finished specific duties to undertake much other employment such as agreements for assassination, killing spree, racing, and more. You will receive amazing benefits every time you finish your tasks.

A little gift to the Minecraft gamers And if you’re fans of the famous Minecraft, Block City Wars will surely give you a pleasant surprise. That said, you can gain tremendous and distinctive skins from Minecraft that are only accessible in the game. Gather your coats and return your favorite Minecraft to demonstrate the others your surfaces.

Choose from hundreds of epic weapons As you’re introduced to the lifestyle of gangsters; it’s essential you’ve equipped yourself with powerful weapons that can take down any enemy that wants to challenge you. Choose from over 100 distinct guns, each of which has its characteristics.

Take your iconic AK47, M14, shotguns, rifles of the sniper, etc. You can even attempt to bring the enemies down on the epic melee weapons such as katana, axes, or knife.

Immerse yourself in the vast online community While Block City Wars comes with amazing internet gameplay, the faithful and supportive online community with millions of players from around the globe is likely one of the most significant contributions to its achievement.

You will never discover yourself running out of opponents to challenge with more than 150,000 active players per day. In addition, the game also features fantastic communication characteristics in the game that enable you to create simple text or voiced chats with other players. For new gamers, this makes the game extremely related.

And last but not least, in the fantastic Leaderboards, you can always compete with the finest Block City Wars players. Win the enemies to climb the ranks high.

To reward the hard-working players, Block City Wars also features some incredible hidden loots that are scattered throughout the city. That being said, from unthinkable locations, you can gather coins, hidden chests, and more. This makes the game much more exciting and enjoyable.

Free and unlocked gameplay with our mods And last but not least, I’m sure you’re going to love free-to-play with your favorite game. That being said, players will not have to pay anything to have Block City Wars mounted on their systems. However, to speed up your process, the game is a Freemium title and will require you to create some in-app purchases.

We suggest that you select our free Block City Wars mods to cope with this. You can have complete access to all in-game purchases without needing to pay anything with the game installed on your systems.

Download Block City Wars Mod Apk [Unlimited Money + Health + OBB] v7.1.4

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Block City Wars Mod Apk Reviews

  • It’s a fantastic game. I’ve been playing for years, but the only things I don’t like are how you can’t join your friends and have to be the same league because I’m in the “Insane” league and there’s hardly anyone online to fight or play with me.
  • There are too many hackers, as well. And if you can just have loved the game, it’s a lot of fun, but I didn’t give it five stars for a few reasons. 1: The system of the league. I get why it’s in place to keep someone who’s going to pay-to-win (or who’s been playing for a while) from dominating more casual players, but it’s fantastic.
  • Well, it’s all right, but I can rarely play anything. The Controls are very sticky and small (which you wouldn’t be able to tap on later) I recommend fixing this actually. The graphics are not as textured as they were before. Make an alternative at least to allow this. Or if the otherwise too laggy individuals would just turn it off in a great game!
  • The graphics are incredible; the controls could be a little better. This is one of the best app store games you can find. One thing I want for this game in the future is some kind of control fix or update that doesn’t get me wrong the controls are great, but I feel like they can be improved.
  • This is a perfect game it’s: great fun, lots of cool weapons, lots of modes and it can operate with or without wifi, making it ideal for a plane journey and other trips. It would also be nice if you could add aircraft, at an airport or something, there could be a military plane and a normal plane.
  • I enjoy this game and have been playing for three years now, but designers understand for sure how to rip off everybody. Weapons cost too much where it would take anybody whole days just to get enough money to purchase one arm, and the lucky chest and all the others only offer you throwable bombs, it’s stupid and no.
  • This is actually a perfect game, but it’s straightforward to hack this game several times! You ought to solve it because it gets too OP!! You should also have a new game mode, new cars, and new towns! It’s a perfect game, on the other hand, and you really should play this game.
  • This game is amazing!!!! Really… It’s really lovely, but I’d like to have u add his really nice fight pass again. And add new pls cars like adding a C7R or something corvette. Pls, pull out free-fighting robots! But this is a perfect game overall!
  • What about the Johns gun if you can’t find a gun!? Plz put a gun to find or take out the mission, and I was wondering if you could do it so you could sell things like a gun if you didn’t want it. I accidentally bought a gun I didn’t want it to be.
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