Top 5 Best Android Apps For Video Calling – Get Wonderful Video Calling Experience

To experience better video calling on smartphones in today’s date. You will find many apps online. Many of them also allow you to call audio or video calling in free. But it is not necessary that audio or video calling of all those apps will give you a better experience. So I’m going to tell you about some such apps Which will make you enjoy video call with the best image quality. We are going to tell you about some such 5 Best Video Calling App For Android in this post.

Top 5 Best Android Apps For Video Calling

In almost all of today’s smartphones, you will get a high-quality front-facing camera. And because of the 4G arrival you are getting fast internet. With the help of which you can make a video call from your smartphone without any scratches. But for video calling, it is also important to have a better video calling app in our smartphone. And the same app should also be with the person you want to video call with.

Now the question comes up when we download the video calling app, we will get the best service. That means, with the help of which we can do video calling without any hassle. So let me tell you today, about 5 Best Video call app for android.

Top 5 Best Android Apps For Video Calling

By the way, you will find lots of video calling apps on the Google Play Store. But believe in the list below given the number of apps. They are very good apps for all video calling.

1. Google Duo

This is a very great video calling app, created by Google. You can use this app in both Android and iOS devices. The best thing about this app is, to make a video call from it, you just have to create an account by giving your mobile number. After that you can very easily do video calling from this. You can also video call in your phone and Gmail contacts. However, the second user must also have the Google Duo App.

Another feature of this app is that whenever you are talking to someone. Your video call can never be closed without your permission. Because this app gets connected very quickly. And so it works very well in slow internet too. If you want to enjoy great video calling Download this app from the Google Play Store and download it. Believe it, you will enjoy playing video from this app.

2. Skype

I know the name of Skype, you all must have heard. Why is it a very old and well-known name in the world of video calling. Skype is one of the oldest video calling app. This app was first available for windows pc only. But now you can use it android phones as well as in Mac. To use this app you will have to create an account for yourself on Skype. To create an account, you will have to give your gmail id and mobile number. Which will make your Skype ID through your account verification. Video calling is also good for Skype.

Anyone can understand this app very easily. With the help of Skype you can do free video calling with anyone or another group anywhere in the world. This app is so popular, looking at the popularity of this. Many companies use it only to get high-quality video calling. Apart from voice and video calling, you can share any kind of file, with the help of this app.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Use of WhatsApp Soon everyone is doing their smartphone today. For your information, let us know that this is Facebook’s proprietary company. Whatsapp was also used as a first chatting app only. But the company has also facilitated video calling in this app. Now anybody can do video calling with the help of this app.

To make video calling from WhatsApp, you just have to go to that user’s profile. Where you will see the icon of video calling. And you can video call by tapping on that icon.

4. Facebook Messenger

You know that there are more than 2 billion users on Facebook. Who also use Facebook’s Messenger app. You can also download Facebook Messenger App from Google Play Store or Apple’s Play Store.

Let’s tell you that the first users used messenger app to be used for chatting only. But now this app is also used for video calling. This will be seen in front of your friend’s profile, as a call or video call icon. You can video call them by clicking on them.

5. Amazon Alexa

If you have Amazon Alexa device. You can also call video from it. With the help of Amazon’s Alexa app, you can also receive video calls as well as receipts. For this, you will not need an Echo Show with its display screen. You can just use the phone number to make a video call. Amazon’s Alexa app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

So friends were the list of “Top 5 Best Android Apps For Video Calling“, with the help of which we can easily and with all the people and friends of our family, see them. If besides this you are using another app for video calling. So will share with us.

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