Top 5 Best Android Apps For News Readers

We all like being updated with the world’s happenings. One may know about the world’s political state, updates of entertainment, local news, updates of national news through newspapers. But today, thanks to technology, Android phones have news apps that will help you gain awareness in just a few seconds about the world’s current affairs.

Here are some of the apps we’ll let you know, making your life much more comfortable.

1. Pocket

This app isn’t necessarily an app for news, but it should be. We know that anywhere, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., news is found randomly. Pocket is an app that gathers all the links to the stuff you’ve found interesting so you can go home and read it in peace. You can share it with your friends as well. It’s not limited content for news, but if you browse Facebook and see a vast article and want to save it, Pocket will do it for you in no time.

Developer: Read It Later
Price: Free+

2. Feedly

Feedly is a news app in the RSS style that enables the reader to select their news genre and sources and feed your news. It’s user-friendly and great for those who like to control where the news comes from. The app allows users to create their category and has a web interface that allows you to read from a different device as well.

3. The Guardian

The guardian is a well-known and respected source of news. It covers many of the world’s major topics— the latest updates on current events, technology, sports, and politics. The application is well designed with crossword puzzles, more content, and is ad-free. The Guardian app is not going to upset its users.

4. Google News

Google News has a ton of functions to get current updates, and its oldest feature is the pop-up news stories that may be relevant to users. This app is a great option for overall productivity. This app isn’t as robust as others, but it’s a great way to update yourself.

5. Inoreader

Like Feedly, Inoreader is an app in RSS style that allows news sources to be picked and selected. It has an interface of material design and simple features. You can give particular keywords and monitor the news. It has cross-device synchronization and must also be archived. It’s also a search for a specific category of news. It is designed to save time and quickly save those who want the best information.

If you feel the need to gain information and knowledge or stay ahead in life, then you must have this app in your android phones.

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