Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers That Every Blogger Should Use

Some people say blogging is not easy! But if done with some good ideas and wisely it can be easy! So today we are going to talk about some Mobile Tools! Like that will make your blogging experience even easier!

Hello friends, your friend has once again come up with useful information for you! Maybe you’re going to use all these mobile apps! But for your blogging experience, these apps can be so much work, you don’t know!

If you’re thinking about blogging or doing this as well, then these 5 Best Android Phone Blogging Apps can benefit you! That’s what I’m saying with my experience on blogging!

Bloggers do so! But it becomes very important for them to know about these mobile blogging tools! Because these mobile apps can enhance their work productivity!

Personally, I use these apps myself for my blogging! These are proving to be very useful for me! That’s why I thought why not share it with all the New Bloggers! Want to make your blogging experience even easier!

Let me tell you once again that these mobile apps can be an important part of you! I think these are the only wonderful applications! Let’s know again what makes blogging easier with these 5 best blogging apps!

1. Google Keep

Whether or not you’re a blogger doesn’t matter! But for everyone, this is a very important application! Why do we need to let us know!

It’s designed specifically to protect your notes! But in that, besides writing notes, you can use many things! For example, keywords, articles, personal information, blog post idea, stories, etc.

Now we can not roam around the Laptop everywhere? That’s why Mobile is a better way to note any Ideas anytime and anywhere! Let’s understand this with an example below!

You’ll have to do this work if you’re a blogger! In this case, for your Blog Post Ideas or Keyword Research, you need to browse the Internet. If in this sequence you find a good keyword or blog post topic, then what are you going to do?

If you do not have your Laptop at that time! It is obvious that you would like to save those Ideas in your Mobile! In such a situation, Google Keep can be a better option for saving your ideas!

You can easily download and install Google Keep from the Google Play Store just by clicking on the button given above.

2. WordPress For Android

For blogging, most people use WordPress! Very few people like! This allows us to manage our blog to a large extent from WordPress ‘ Android App!

We could call it On The Go Blogging! Because whenever and wherever we can use it! For instance, when we travel, or when we don’t have a laptop! This app is very useful at the time!

To use it, we must use the WordPress Blog Account Credential to log in to this app! We can edit or manage our Post, Pages, Media and Comments easily after this!

A suggestion for you: Yoast SEO is your WordPress Blog’s life! You can not manage this app in this app! That’s why I suggest you do Yoast SEO work in your Laptop! And write the post in Mobile in the absence of Laptop!

3. Microsoft OneDrive

If it is said that Microsoft OneDrive is very important to you, then it will not be wrong! Because most of the bloggers use the Windows operating system in their laptops!

By the way, you will find more such applications! But it can be the best for you! Because it synchronizes all files of your Windows OS Laptop! With which you can access your files immediately in your Laptop!

For example, I’m going to tell my point here! I edit Photos for my blog in Mobile only! Because there was not OneDrive on my mobile, I had to take a lot of trouble! Because those photos had to be sent in! That made me feel boring!

But now after uploading my photos, I upload to Mobile OneDrive App! Then use your Access in Laptop!

4. Pixabay

Being a blogger, you’ll know that for Free Stock Images, Pixabay is a better way! From where you can download Loyalty Free Image in your blog!

For bloggers or an excellent website! Pixabay released its Mobile Version very soon due to its popularity! We can download free images from Mobile only because we can download them!

If your PC does not pass, you can download photos and edit your mobile at any time with the help of this! Then upload your photos to the Blog!

When editing photos in Mobile’s Blog, be sure to install them! This will give you a great deal of support!

5. Buffer

After writing the article well, we publish our blog post! But one thing remains! And that is the blog article! There is a problem with Leki! Let’s know what the problem is!

After watching the screenshot, you might have understood what that problem is! I do not understand anything, I tell you now!

All bloggers share their articles after publishing them! But all the Social Networks have to share on alternate! It takes a lot of time and boring too!

But do not worry, Buffer will get rid of this problem! Yes, this is a Social Network Manager App! With the help of which we can easily share our articles on all social networks simultaneously!

That’s why this App should be present in Mobile of every blogger! To save time in sharing your articles, download it now!

Bonus Tips: There is another such application and it can be a manager for you! Maybe you already know it! Yes, I’m talking about Canva! From the Google Play Store, you can download it! And you can create the best image or banner of your Blog Articles right in you’re mobile!

Last words (Conclusion):

So, friends, these were 5 such applications that we should use! Because this will make our blogging experience a lot easier and easier! These have proved to be very useful to me! And I can not live without blogging for them! So you also install these applications now!

Do you also use any of these applications for blogging? Be sure to share this with us! Because it is very important to me! So keep informing you about the work ahead!

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