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Adguard Premium is a fantastic AD Blocker app which is used to remove ads in apps and web browser and which directly helps you in protecting your privacy and also helps you in managing your apps.

This Adguard Premium app provides you with robust and manageable security that prevents the loading of web pages automatically and without your permission. Adguard Premium prevents all annoying ads, prohibits the loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to monitor your behavior on the Internet.

Adguard Premium app uses local VPN technology to filter traffic without the privileges of ROOT. This means that if the VPN client is installed on your computer, so there is no need for external remote connections. After running the program, you can immediately start filtering your Internet bandwidth softly and very quickly.

Adguard Premium Some of the features are given below:

  • When loading a web page, this app eliminates the loading of advertisements and the online tracking software directly from the section.
  • It checks a page if it is against their database of phishing or malicious sites.
  • Checks applications that have been downloaded from unknown sources.

Why should you choose and download the AdGuard premium app?

Blocks ads everywhere

Block the ads from the entire system. Its adblocking system includes video advertisements and advertising on your favorite apps, browsers, sports, and any website you can imagine. Dozens of ad filters are available, and regular updates are there to ensure the best filtering performance.

Cares about your privacy

We value the privacy of your data more than anything else. With the AdGuard Premium app, you’ll be safe from online trackers and web analytics systems that try to steal your sensitive information.

Saves your traffic

Further ads being blocked means fewer ads being loaded. Fewer advertisements are loaded, so more traffic is generated. Simple AdGuard math! Download the Adguard Premium apk file, install the app, and spend your traffic on stuff you like rather than wasting it on voracious ads.

You stay in control – Adguard Premium

It’s your machine, after all, and you’re going to decide what’s filtered and what’s not. A wide range of settings — from easy to ‘ pro’—as well as an app management tool can help you configure filtering to your liking.

Some of the frequently asked question (FAQ) is answered below:

What’s the difference between AdGuard Premium Content Blocker and AdGuard Premium for Android?

The gap is immense. Content blockers, in general, are not limited to specific (and few) browsers but are much less potent in terms of ad-fighting tools at their disposal. AdGuard Premium for Android, being a standalone app, can block ads in all browsers and even in other applications, and the filtering performance is much lower.

Why isn’t AdGuard in the Google Play Store for Android?

Google has a very unusual stance on ad blockers in the Play Store. Essentially, this means that any software that can block ads across the system is not allowed on PlayStore, leaving flimsy content blockers as the only alternative. AdGuard Premium has also been dropped from the Play Store.

What’s the difference between AdGuard’s free and Premium versions for Android?

While the free version is excellent for eliminating advertisements from browsers, it doesn’t filter the traffic of other users. It doesn’t have the Safebrowsing option, either.

I can still see advertising on some phones and some websites. What am I meant to do?

Most likely, you will need to enable HTTPS filtering. A lot of ads are loaded through HTTPS, and AdGuard is also capable of blocking them. Go to Settings–> HTTPS Filter and turn it on. The other thing you need to do is make sure you use the High-Quality Filter Mode (Settings –> Advanced).

Do I need root access to this?

No, this is not needed. Unlike many other ad blockers, AdGuard Premium can operate in VPN mode, allowing it to block ads even on non-rooted phones.

I use a particular VPN software with AdGuard?

Sadly, it’s impossible to run two VPNs on Android at the same time, but there are some ways to circumvent this restriction. If your device is rooted, or if you are only interested in blocking ads on WiFi networks, you can switch AdGuard Premium to the proxy mode and allow any other app to use VPN. Besides, some VPNs require upstream proxy use (e.g., PIA VPN, Nord VPN)—check if your particular VPN offers this function.

AdGuard Premium for Android gives you secure and manageable security. AdGuard eliminates all annoying ads from web pages and applications, blocks the loading of unsafe websites, and does not allow anyone to monitor your behavior on the Internet. AdGuard Premium stands out against its analogs, as it can operate in either HTTP proxy or VPN mode.

Version 2.12.233 of September 26, 2018 No one likes to roll out a hotfix just a week after the launch, but sometimes there’s no other alternative. We took this opportunity not only to fix the problem but also to upgrade the CoreLibs filtering engine and make several other useful changes.

Download Adguard Premium v3.72 – (Lifetime Premium MOD)

For downloading ADGuard Premium apk, you need to tap over the download button given below, and in a few seconds, downloading will get begin.

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